Babyfaceis one of the antagonists featured in Lakeview Cabinand Lakeview Cabin III.



Considered “the favorite son”, Babyface is the youngest child of Red and Eleanor, and the sibling of Happy Dad and an unnamed girl. Eleanor was killed and her body was dumped in the lake while pregnant with her third child.

Lakeview Cabin

When Eleanor comes back from the dead as a bloodthirsty monster, her unborn child also revives, still in his mother’s womb. After Red kills his wife, the undead fetus bursts from Eleanor’s corpse and attacks Red, who manages to kill the fetus. However, since Red did not properly destroy all trace of the corpse, it can be assumed that the fetus manages to revive once again and grows up to be Babyface, the serial killer of Camp Lakeview.

Lakeview Cabin Collection

Lakeview Cabin III

When the new counselors arrive at Camp Lakeview, Babyface does not show up straight away. For the first couple of days, he simply lurks in the depths of the lake. If any of the counselors go swimming for too long, Babyface eventually finds and attacks them. Babyface does not invade the camp until the second night, unless summoned by the bell beforehand. First, he turns the generator off, causing a power outage and plunging the entire camp into darkness. Then, with whatever weapon he can find, Babyface thoroughly searches the camp to kill everyone he finds, including the dog. Upon catching on fire, either from a lit campfire or gasoline spill, Babyface flees back to the lake to extinguish the flames. After this, he returns to resume the carnage.

The only thing that can truly disarm him is his beloved teddy bear. Upon seeing the teddy bear, Babyface drops his weapon and picks up the toy instead, rendering him vulnerable to being attacked and killed. Alternatively, when prevented from returning to the lake while on fire – which is usually the result of tripping over the rake – he will seemingly burn to death. However, Babyface will regenerate moments later, albeit in a much weaker state, and is much easier to kill. When Red sees Babyface’s remains, he becomes much more difficult to kill, as he is fuelled by revenge. However, when one of the counselors wears Babyface’s mask, Red does not attack them.



  • Babyface is similar to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.
    • Both terrorize camps and murder everyone in their paths (except for their parents), are incredibly difficult to kill, and hide their disfigured faces with masks.
  • He also seems to be partially based on Babyface Killer.
  • In Lakeview Valley, there is a mask that resembles Babyface’s head.

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