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Moda BlockHeads 1 Finally Finished


This has been a long time coming.  I finally got Moda BlockHeads 1 finished.  My big hold up was the borders. I wanted to do something fancy and different for the borders, and had an idea to add a flying geese border, then an outer border or two.  I made a gazillion flying geese and started attaching them as a border.  And it looked like this:


Do you see how rippley that is?  Honestly, I looked at that hanging over my balcony railing for months not sure what to do about it.  So I finally took it off.  There is so much going on with all those sampler blocks that I decided to keep the border much more simple and be done with it.

I did cut strips from my leftover fatquarters and made a scrappy inner border, then added a plain outer border of light background fabric.

All in all, I am satisfied.  Gosh, it was such a fun project to do.  I used a very large assortment of Kansas Troubles fabrics for the quilt top. There are 60 six-inch blocks, plus one center applique block (which is the size of four 6″ blocks). The top is around 71″ square.  Whew, those blocks represent a lot of hours of work!

Now for the quilting.  I always send my quilts out to be professionally quilted and typically opt for an all-over quilting design.  So, you long arm quilters out there, answer a question for me if you will:  The applique blocks are a little stiffer because of the fusible interfacing.  Is that a problem when doing an all-over quilting design?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!