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  • Google Mobility Reports a slippery slope: cyber security expert

    A cyber security expert says while user data can be used as a tool to create better policies, it’s important to ensure people’s privacy isn’t being taken away in the process.

  • Tech companies are proposing Canada use phone apps to track spread of coronavirus

    Civil liberties experts question the effectiveness of apps that use location data to track potential coronavirus cases, saying governments should also consider privacy rights.

  • Google releases location data from billions to show if coronavirus lockdowns working

    The company released reports for 131 countries with charts that compare traffic to retail and recreational venues, train and bus stations, grocery stores and workplaces with a five-week period earlier this year.

  • Coronavirus: Hackers prey on vulnerable online video chats, as demand for web messaging soars

    The dozens of Jewish video chat users, who had logged on from around the country to listen to a presentation by the Canada Antisemitism Education Foundation, appeared to have had their webinar hacked.

  • Countries opt for phone tracking amid coronavirus — should Canada?

    The worsening pandemic has drawn a new focus on more invasive, but powerful, tools to flatten the curve: people’s phones.

  • B.C. startup launches app to help swamped health-care workers outside of work

    The free app coordinates friends, families and neighbours of health-care workers to take care of basic tasks like shopping or meal preparation during the pandemic.

  • Plague Inc. game adds ‘save the world’ mode in response to coronavirus

    The game’s developers are also giving US$250,000 to fight the coronavirus pandemic, which has helped boost their sales.

  • Measuring success: what metrics are used in the fight to flatten the coronavirus curve?

    Social distancing, self-isolation and travel restrictions are lauded as crucial components of reducing and preventing further spread of COVID-19, but what key metrics can be measured in the fight to flatten Canada’s curve?

  • Coronavirus: Canadian company working with Ottawa to boost ventilator production

    With under 100 employees currently, the company is able to ramp up manufacturing via its own capacity as well as by roping in a third-party manufacturer. 

  • Coronavirus: 5 tips to find the best mental health tools online

    As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to rise across Canada, so, too, has anxiety and stress related to the pandemic.


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